San Diego is a vastly underrated city. What most people only know as a vacation destination is actually a burgeoning cultural hub overflowing with exciting music, art, and creative energy. While often overshadowed by our big brother to the North, San Diego’s music scene is livelier than most would think, and filled with artists ready to face a national audience. From Chula Vista to the East Village to Oceanside, music blares from living rooms, car stereos, and garages. Whether it is jazz from La Jolla, indie rock from Encinitas, or Latino rap from San Ysidro, music is never far away.

As many musical and cultural institutions in San Diego are struggling to survive, what better time than now to launch this website, aimed at bringing attention to the diverse, impressive scene that we can call our own.

Together, we can uncover the sound of San Diego.

Take a look around, listen to some new music, and enjoy.

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